Month: March 2018

Radicality in Archiving

“Every time I hear we shouldn’t build social media archives like #Ferguson, I think abt [about] events in the black history for which we have no records (Jules, 2015).” A tweet from an archivist, Bergis Jules, which truly exemplifies his advocacy regarding the need to develop preservation models to store the records of protests posted in social media. In his article he suggests that the development of cellphones and various social media platforms revolutionized the way we express our ideas freely. People share videos, personal testimonies, and other remembrances that led into a deeper and longer trail of documentation...

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Librarianship: A profession in the Philippine Context

The term profession carries a lot of weight and connotations; whenever the word is mentioned, there are always assumptions and associations, often related to prestige and skill (Watson, 2002). Yet the actual definition of what a profession is can be quite enigmatic; furthermore, according to Cogan (1955) different ideas and definitions are espoused by different people, and choosing one definition is bound to invite heavy debate and disagreement. However, despite these facts, defining the term profession is an essential action if one is to understand certain jobs and activities, for the label “profession” (or lack thereof) serves to change...

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