Contributed by ‘Mitochondria’

The fairies fly
with their wands held high
as the princesses’ tears fall
for none can go to the ball.

The princes save the day
as they chase the monsters away.
A maiden awakened from their deep sleep,
her prince holding her hand in a tight grip.

A lady as white as snow
received a poisonous apple,
awaited for the true love’s kiss,
that will pull her away from the bliss.

A beautiful prisoner with golden hair,
locked in a tower where to climb no one dares,
she sings for fun,
until a prince hears a voice as bright as the sun.

A little girl entered the woods
with her basket full of goods,
where a wolf led her away,
and from the path she strayed.

Little mermaid from the sea,
dreamt of a world none can foresee.
A mermaid who longed for a boy,
a boy who’ll rescue her from being the
sea witch’s toy.

A prince turned into a beast,
caged in a castle where no one feasts.
His time dependent on a rose,
hoping  to find a girl to break the curse.

Spinning hay into gold,
was a maiden’s task,
wanting to leave her life that’s so cold,
and to a villain she asked.

A few more maidens,
whose stories are endless,
whose prince charmings were sent,
whose villains were given their end.

But a fatal truth no one wanted to see
is that the villain used to be someone
and a witch dreamt to be
a royal, to be loved by The One.

But fate was never fair,
and it gave them a reality they couldn’t bear,
to evil they succumbed,
their souls turned darker than mud,
their powers started to bud,
and everyone have come to know them as bad.

But the sad story behind it all
is they, too, just wanted to be part of the ball,
not just to be the fairest of them all,
but to have a happy ending of their own.