Author: Dan Anthony Dorado

The LISSA Student Journal (LSJ): Primer and Mechanics

The LISSA Student Journal (LSJ) is a student-reviewed organization journal of LISSA resident members and alumni. It aims to promote discourse on LIS within the academic, professional, and social contexts. Academic – discourse on theories and concepts in LIS, researches, analysis of traditional and contemporary issues using LIS perspectives, and on the roles of LIS alongside other academic disciplines. Professional – discourse on the practice of LIS, including application of concepts in day-to-day tasks, management of LIS institutions, tricks-of-the-trade, projects and innovations, and leadership. Social – discourse on the relationships and interactions of LIS students and professionals with other people...

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LIS Congress 2016: Beyond the Platform Rationale

LIS and archival sciences share the same trade: resources containing recorded information regardless of form and media. As based on the Jenkinson-ian concept of “sanctity of evidence,” these recorded information testifies to all of mankind’s endeavors, beginning to its history, philosophical thoughts, scientific and technological advances, culture and politics, experiences. The totality of our collection proves that we, and with all of our works, exist. And without our collection, none can bear witness to the traces of our existence. However, no matter how we push for permanence, our collections are constantly threatened by the natural tests of time. Papers...

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Welcome to the new LISSA website!

The Great LISSA Web Team has made the new website with the use of WordPress. We also plan to add other features to this website, such as a series of web-based services to cater some needs of UP SLIS students, a better integration of the LIS Congress publicity to the main website, and an online forum / discussion board to accommodate our beefy ideas about LIS and other related issues. We’re also toying with some plug-ins that will improve the traffic in this website, such as some SEO optimizer, analytics, and other Google thingamajigs. Better to have heavy traffic...

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