Author: Gerard Balaoro

The Power of Informed Choice

For the longest time, commoners believe that libraries are just storehouses of reading materials. This image was entrenched to most of the people and still perceive libraries are such. Along with it, librarianship is commonly thought as an obsolete profession that is just about physically taking care of the materials found in the library. The idea was justified as the digital era changed the landscape on how the information is created, stored, and accessed. But few may know, information professionals, such as librarians, adapts to the changes taking place around us. As librarians, how do we adapt to the...

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Democratic Republic, Reasoning, and Change

A Paper by Cyril Bernardo Thomas Jefferson gave a succinct appraisal of the significance of reasoning in a country where the people are the ultimate source of sovereignty; “In a Republican nation, whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of the first importance” (as cited in Copi & Cohen, 2005, xiii). This statement, given in correspondence with David Harding in 1824, remains relevant not only in United States, but also in our own country. Our Constitution itself asserts among state principles that, “The Philippines is democratic and...

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