Author: Jonathan Alejo Valdez

The Story of Why I Am Here

Contributed by ‘Anonymous’ When I first entered UP, I had in mind the typical courses that an aspiring medical student would strive for such as Biology or Psychology; it was pretty narrow minded now that I think about it. However, when I got my confirmation letter from the University, I found out I did not get into any of the degrees I applied for, for I was designated as DPWAS (Degree Program with Available Slot). Despite this fact, I was still overjoyed that I got into the University of the Philippines, which has always been my dream because of...

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Anatomiya ng Apatiya (Isang Patama sa Matataman Nang Nawa’y Matauhan)

Contributed by ‘Upos ng Santelmo’ 08:00am    Hangos. Takbo. Talon.                         Hablutin ang time card, sa makinarya ibaon.                         Eksato sa time in, kahit trapik sa daan.                         Pagpasok sa opisina’y roon na rin ang almusalan. 08:30am    Make-up si ate. Pulbo’t gel kay kuya.                         Limistick. Pamada.                         Importante ang Postura. 09:00am    First task of the day, lamesa’y iligpit.                         Siksik. Salansan. Patong. Ipit-ipit                         Punit. Balungkos. Tapon sa Basura.                         Bukas. Pasok. Labas. Isasara. 09:30am    Check ng Facebook. Mag-status, mag-share.                         Basa-basa ng posts. One like, one prayer.                         Twitter, Instagram, basa-basa ng email.                         Online shopping. Price canvas. Uy, meron daw sale. 10:00          Okay, fight, for real, trabaho na,...

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Si Carrot Man, ang Eleksyon, at ang Laybraryan

Contributed by ‘Markadan’ Noong nakaraang linggo, ifineature sa Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho ang kwento ni Carrot man. Si Carrot man ay isang gwapong lalakeng nag-aani ng (syempre) carrots sa may kabundukan ng Cordillera. At dahil may itsura si Carrot man, naipagpalagay ng isang propesor sa UP na baka may lahing banyaga si Carrot man at dahil dito, “na-improve yung race.” Maraming umalma sa social media dahil sa sinabi ng propesor. Ang isang Facebook page na Habi Collective, sinabi na sana man lang ay humingi nalang ang research team ng KMJS ng analysis galing sa mga taga-UP Baguio dahil tutal...

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Contributed by ‘Mitochondria’ Strolling down on memory lane, You remember the time when you were actually sane. You think about Aslan’s mane, and how you had so much to gain. When Peter and Susan started to believe, and Edmund, whom the White Witch deceived, came with you as you enter the wardrobe, into an adventure to a land so cold. You remember Mr. Tumnus and how he helped you, You remember the White Witch trying to kill you, In your mind is Prince Caspian being your friend, and how your voyage with him almost sent you to your end....

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A Fairytale Ending

Contributed by ‘Mitochondria’ The fairies fly with their wands held high as the princesses’ tears fall for none can go to the ball. The princes save the day as they chase the monsters away. A maiden awakened from their deep sleep, her prince holding her hand in a tight grip. A lady as white as snow received a poisonous apple, awaited for the true love’s kiss, that will pull her away from the bliss. A beautiful prisoner with golden hair, locked in a tower where to climb no one dares, she sings for fun, until a prince hears a...

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