Author: Jonathan Alejo Valdez

Will a Robot Replace a Librarian?

Contributed by Ivan Lopez With the ever-increasing pace of technology, more and more jobs are getting automated. A BBC article reported last September1 that around 35% of current jobs in the UK are at high risk of being automated within the next two decades, based on a study conducted by researchers at Oxford University last 2013 and Deloitte UK. According to the said article, librarians stand at 52% chance of automation while archivists and curators are at 38%. Michael Osborne and Carl Frey, authors of the study, calculated the probability of automation of each job based on nine key skills...

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LIS Identity Crisis: Prologue to the LISSA Journal

When my application for my transfer from UP Baguio to UPD SLIS was approved, I promptly asked Ms.Valerie Darl M. Corral-Piquero, a sister in Alpha Phi Omega who was then an SLIS undergrad, to give me some readings used in the degree program. It was a nerdy instinct, I know. But I had the urge to deeply know the next four-year course I was about to take. See, when I was in the editorial board in the student publication of UP Baguio, it was routine for us to discuss various social issues of the day: ranging from the then trending...

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