Congress LogoLIS and archival sciences share the same trade: resources containing recorded information regardless of form and media. As based on the Jenkinson-ian concept of “sanctity of evidence,” these recorded information testifies to all of mankind’s endeavors, beginning to its history, philosophical thoughts, scientific and technological advances, culture and politics, experiences. The totality of our collection proves that we, and with all of our works, exist. And without our collection, none can bear witness to the traces of our existence.

However, no matter how we push for permanence, our collections are constantly threatened by the natural tests of time. Papers rot and electronic media rust. Our resources may be torn and tampered, damage scaling from a dent to a catastrophic destruction from floods, fire, and earthquake. Humanity’s testimonies are constantly threatened to fade into nothingness.

In these ever-challenging times, UP LISSA raises the question: are we ready to go beyond the platform?

This year, join us in our 9th annual gathering of LIS students and practitioners in the country as we go deep into the contemporary issues of Archival Science. Join us as we learn how to transcend our collections’ physical boundaries and make humanity’s evidences of existence preserved and long-lasting. This year’s congress will focus on the impacts of archives in modern society and culture, and on digital preservation and other IT applications on archives.