The LISSA Student Journal (LSJ) is a student-reviewed organization journal of LISSA resident members and alumni. It aims to promote discourse on LIS within the academic, professional, and social contexts.

  • Academic – discourse on theories and concepts in LIS, researches, analysis of traditional and contemporary issues using LIS perspectives, and on the roles of LIS alongside other academic disciplines.
  • Professional – discourse on the practice of LIS, including application of concepts in day-to-day tasks, management of LIS institutions, tricks-of-the-trade, projects and innovations, and leadership.
  • Social – discourse on the relationships and interactions of LIS students and professionals with other people and institutions, narratives and experiences, personal anecdotes, etc.

The journal facilitator (currently the academics committee head) may randomly assign two resident members every week to write for the journal, or s/he may handpick from the resident members depending on their availability or on the “academic season” (hell week, finals week). Alumni are encouraged to contribute articles voluntarily through the submission portal created by the facilitator. All articles will then be queued for review in a first-come-first-served basis (except for articles that deems timeliness of its publication crucial).

Each journal article is to be reviewed by two (2) resident members who will determine the relevance of the articles in LIS in the academic, professional, or social context. The reviews will be the article’s basis for publication, and any comment and correction to the article will be sent directly to the author of the article, as delivered by the journal facilitator.

Blind review: Reviewers are randomly selected by the facilitator. Reviewers will not know who is the author of the article they’re reviewing, and the author will not know his / her reviewers.

Depending on the resolution of the two reviews, the article may be published indisputably, may have recommendations for minor or major revisions, or may be disqualified if deemed unfit for publication.

  • For publication: An article must merit two (2) “Approved for publication” to be published indisputably.
  • For appeal: An article containing one (1) “Advised for revision” may consider to apply that reviewer’s comment or the author may ought to appeal; that is sending the article to two different reviewers for approval. If it fails to get two (2) “Approved for publication” for the second batch of review, the author is mandated to apply the comments.
  • For revision: An article containing two (2) “Advised for revision” will have to be revised by applying the reviewers’ comments. After revision, the article will be reviewed again.
  • Disapproved: An article containing one (1) “Disapproved” remark may appeal for another batch of review or apply the reviewer’s comments accordingly. An article that merits two (2) “Disapproved” remark will be disapproved for publication and the author will receive the reviewers’ comments.

Approved articles will be published in this website, and will be shared in the official Facebook page of UP LISSA with the corresponding byline (the author may opt to use a pseudonym). The article will also be shared in the UP SLIS Community for further publicity.

The journal aims to publish at least one article every week.