Contributed by ‘Anonymous’

When I first entered UP, I had in mind the typical courses that an aspiring medical student would strive for such as Biology or Psychology; it was pretty narrow minded now that I think about it. However, when I got my confirmation letter from the University, I found out I did not get into any of the degrees I applied for, for I was designated as DPWAS (Degree Program with Available Slot). Despite this fact, I was still overjoyed that I got into the University of the Philippines, which has always been my dream because of the culture within that I have heard of through stories. In order to fulfill my dream of entering UP, I had to find a course that would accept me, so I went to the DPWAS orientation, rushing from school still in my uniform. In the orientation, each department with available slot gave their own selling points, and that was where I heard of the School Of Library and Information Science, which I chose because of the splendid speech of the College Secretary from the said College; I believe that speech was the best of all the people present in the event.

When I wrote Bachelor of Library and Information Science as my first choice in my DPWAS form, I started to research and read about the course on my own, getting a general gist of what I was about to dedicate maybe 4 years (or more) of my life to, and I found it, new, fresh, and in line with my much grander goal, beyond just going to medical school: to learn many things in my lifetime. My goal meshes perfectly with the college because, hey, managing information on a multitude of topics the best way to learn about them. All in all, I concluded that Library and Information Science is one the best ways to prepare you to handle many different fields.

However, as I entered the college and spent my first days there, I still felt a bit lukewarm; self-study can only prepare you for so much. But, as I continued my classes in the college, I met the people within, and I realized that, truly, this college was like a home to me, in the sense that I was comfortable enough to share many of my deep secrets less than a year after I have known them; for comparison, many of my high school friends don’t even know the “true” me that I have only expressed within UP SLIS. Of course, aside from the friendships I have formed, the field is truly something to treasure, even if it is not as known as other fields; a librarian’s role is multi-faceted, I realized, and the stereotype of being a mere bookshelver, is very inaccurate. Once I realized all of these, I decided to stay, and, although I still have aspirations of entering medical school, I also want to develop the field further not only in the 4 (or more) years of my undergraduate life, but also throughout my lifetime as a product of UP SLIS.